Already produced

  • Director:Bernard Hiller and April Webster.
  • Cast: Louis Graham, Joaquin Perles, etc.
  • Adaptation of the play “The Odd Couple” by Neil Simon, produced in Los Angeles in 2007.

Documental: Celia the Queen


Documentary about the life of Celia Cruz, the world famous salsa singer. It was premiered in Tribeca Film Festival in New York and it was present in more than 100 festivals around the world. Stars like Andy Garcia and Quincy Jones participated in the film.

Cine: Cages

  • Director: Graham Streeter.
  • Cast: Tan Kheng Hua, Mako Iwamatsu
  • Feature Film directed by Graham Streeter. The movie tells the story of a single mother named Ali Tan (Tan Kheng Hua) who attempts to escape repeated bad releationships which puts her before the man she resents the most—her father, Tan (Mako Iwamatsu).Perles Entertainment distributed the film and sponsored its first public screening in USA with a tribute to the Oscar nominee, Mako Iwamatsu. The event was held at the Asian American Theater in Los Angeles.

Baby, let your hair hang down (documental)

Feature length documentary about Georgia Van Cuylenberg: comedian, writer, hair model, when she discovers that she has a rare disease called Alopecia Areata. She is losing her hair in some areas. Although this is a documentary about a medical condition – there is very little about this film that is like a standard medical documentary. It is full of comedy and lightness; and Georgia’s approach to her condition prevents the audience from taking it, or her, too seriously. The film features appearances by Alopecians of all ages, a number of comedians, two doctors who work with alopecia areata every day of their lives, a wig maker and a stylist, Georgia’s family and friends and even a puppet who has alopecia areata.