The company


Welcome to Perles Entertainment, an independent company based in Hollywood with an international background and vocation.  Created in 2007, right before  the global economical crisis exploded, the company managed to keep telling stories, and taking projects to global audiences through years. 

After an initial period where production services were provided for foreign TV shows and top production companies coming to shoot to Hollywood (TVE, Globomedia), Perles Entertainment began to produce Theatre, Film and TV.

These projects, among others, included a stage version of The Odd Couple, under the direction of Bernard Hiller and April Webster;  the 2008 Tribeca Festival film Celia: The Queen, documentary about the life of the famous Salsa singer Celia Cruz, and with the participation of stars like Andy Garcia, or Quincy Jones. Another global production was Baby, let your hair hang down,  documentary about the story of the comedían Georgia Van Cuylenberg and how she handle her life and work when she is diagnosed with Alopecia Areata. This enlightning movie was followed by viewers and organizations from all around the world. 

Internet and Technology are modifying the way we produce, see, and have access to stories. In Perles Entertainment, we have begun already to explore as well that field, and to benefit from the freedom that such a platform can offer. 

Thank you for stopping by in this page, and I hope that our stories are of your interest. 

Joaquin Perles, Founder.